Enjoying the increase of skills, personality and knowledge is what makes me delighted. This feeling of willingness to develop and being passionate is why I do what I do.

Acting / Creative Writing

Passion. Telling stories to entertain, to challenge the mind and to reflect on society by arousing emotions is what I love.

I am interested in the juxtaposing parts in ourselves, the inner conflict, the 'want' and the 'can't', the impulsive and the unfathomable. Understanding or searching to understand the subtle nuances is what I am interested in. I hope we continue telling beautiful stories which has to be told and I will gladly be part of that.


SurfenConnection. At a young age I felt attracted to the sea and the ocean. It is almost an inevitable effect that I started to surf.

Surfing is for me beautiful, it allows me to move gracefully over water and to feel the power of the ocean in a way I never felt before. The tranquillity of waiting in the water for a set and the adrenaline rush of surfing waves is precious.

Kyokushin kai karate

Stamina. This is an important element of what I have learned from Kyokushin kai. My experience is that I am being challenged by art, likewise for Martial Art.

Competing with my own fear and limits has been most tested in competitions. It is only 2 or 3 minutes. But it was then, when I experienced that time is a relative concept and at the end of the match I was proudly thinking; I was still standing. Through Karate I trained stamina, discipline, physicality and grounding.


ReizenPerspective. Travelling gives me the flow of absorption and observation.

It gives me the richness of shifting the perspective and gaining knowledge based on other cultures. I relish the experience of meeting a new culture, food, language, a diversity of people and walking through gorgeous scenery. My mum was right when she said once to me: "you are a child of the world, you feel at home everywhere"