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Jung Sun is an actress with South Korean heritage, who lives in London and is represented by Core MGMT in London. For contact details please click on the Agency's link on the right hand side. Besides acting, she is also a passionate playwright. To keep updated about her writing work please see the Dutch Courage Productions link above.
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More about her Biography?

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What am I up to?

In UK you can see me in:
  • End of this year you can see me in DEVS a new serie by Alex Garland

  • You will see me in a major BBC series which will be launched later this year. Keep up to date via Instagram and IMDB

  • Previously you could see me in:
  • In 2017 you could see me in "One day, Maybe" a location project in HULL by DreamThinkSpeak

  • LINK

  • "Dokei" a solo performance about Love, Longing and Ambition. For more information please see Dutch Courage Productions

    In NL you can see me in:

  • 'Morten' a new serie by Director Jean van de Velde

    Previously you could see me in:

  • 'Nachtwacht' a Studio100 Flemish series where I played the title role in Memoraia

  • 'Dorst' a black comedie by Key Film. The International Premiere was in March 2018.

  • LINK

  • 'Eng, episode nr 83' a youth television serie by Pupkin film. On Dutch TV and screened at the Dutch Film festival by Fall 2016.

  • LINK